Pirate Theatre Restaurant crew making waves along the Yarra!

On Saturday, the crew of Melbourne's new swashbuckling dinner and show The Pirate Experience took to the streets (and waters) of Melbourne to promote their upcoming voyage. Queens of the Damned Theatre Restaurant will be opening their doors at the historic Mission to Seafarers maritime building from May 15.

Queens of the Damned cast members 'The Dancers of the Damned' and lead cast member Enya Angel on board Go Boat Melbourne.

After a long morning of rehearsals at the Mission to Seafarers on Flinders Street, the crew embarked on their journey through the city, passing some key landmarks on their route. With flags and flyers in hand, they crossed the Seafarers Bridge and walked the boardwalk towards the Polly Woodside and Boatbuilders Yard. A quick stop at the traffic lights outside Crown Casino caught the attention of those driving by.

Cast and crew members Stevie Scallywag and Andy of the Isles cross the main road at Crown Casino.

The crew were joined by members of local sea shanty band Shantily Clad. The band will be a part of the dinner and show experience; entertaining guests by the fire on arrival.

Landlubbers stopped for photo opportunities. Some recognised the crew from their previous production at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

Last leg of the journey was a one hour sail along the Yarra with Go Boat Melbourne. Three boats of Pirates attracted the eye of those out and about in the South Wharf precinct. The crew strongly encourage audiences to book their own sailing experience before attending the show, to make the most of their time in the city and embrace Melbourne's rich maritime heritage.

Owners Holly Wouldn't and Madam Dreadful are joined by Lokk Smith and members of Shantily Clad.

The whole day was professionally filmed and will be featured on the Queens of the Damned social media pages later in the week. You can see more at and visit to book your tickets.

The entire cast and crew of Queens of the Damned on the Seafarers Bridge.

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