Melbournes Pirate-themed Cocktail Bar 🏴‍☠️

Pirate Cocktails and Burlesque? Shiver me timbers! Queens of the Damned Theatre Restaurants The Pirate Experience is home to Melbournes only Pirate-themed cocktail bar. The Damned crew have designed an exclusive range of delicious cocktails to be enjoyed by mateys who attend their dinner and show experience on Saturday nights. The best part? All the treasure taken over the bar goes directly to charity! That's right me hearties... every drink you purchase on board The Pirate Experience goes to the Mission to Seafarers organisation; who have supported the welfare of seafarers all over the world for over a century.

All the treasure taken over the bar goes directly to charity... so drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Melbourne is home to many hidden treasures... secret cocktail bars being one of them. The team at Queens of the Damned worked together with the Mission to Seafarers to design an exclusive range of cocktails inspired by the characters in the show.

You can book tickets to Queens of the Damned Theatre Restaurant here. Savvy?

Audiences arrive into the Castaway Courtyard to get shipwrecked by the fire. VIP mateys are served a cocktail on arrival, and everyone on board can order drinks from the Captains Quarters bar. Once seated for dinner, audiences can order drinks via the QR codes hidden amongst the treasure on their tables. Bar tabs are available for larger groups. During the show, the Davy Jones Theatre bar remains open.

Here's a taste of the Queens of the Damned cocktails, and the characters that inspired them!

The Mermaid: Enjoy life under the sea with a delicious Mermaid cocktail inspired by a Blue Lagoon!

The Skeleton: Dead men tell no tales! Inspired by an Espresso Martini, garnished with a floating skull. Skull, skull, skull, skull!

The Kraken: A smooth sea never made a good sailor! Indulge in a delicious storm... a darker take on a Bramble.

The Drunken Sailor: What shall we do with a drunken sailor? Inspired by a Pina Colada. Way hey and up she rises!

The Pirate: Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum! All hands on deck for a delicious Pirate cocktail inspired by a Dark and Stormy.

The Sword Swallower: Feeling dangerous? Down a tequila shot...

The Message in a Bottle (Mocktail): A love letter to the sea... inspired by a Virgin Mojito! Why is the rum gone? Don't worry mateys, you can add Bacardi if you wish.

The Anchor: Drop the anchor into the ocean... just like a Jägerbomb!

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